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Mary Scott Gash Thornton Letters

1927 - From Wyoming, not yet Thornton- Three Letters
1930 - On Ship and First Months in Japan- Twelve Letters
1930 - Getting Settled - Eighteen Letters
1931 - Preparing for Motherhood - Nine Letters
1931 - Twins are Born - Seven Letters

1927 - From Wyoming, not yet Thornton - Three Letters

Postmarked August 20, 1927
Sheridan, WY
Wednesday night
(Undated) 1927

Dearest Dad and Kids:

Here I am at last—in the real West! Arrived about 3:30 and came here to Mr. and Mrs. Barrett’s— where we’re to stay until we go up the mountains. We may not go up until Monday, as there has been a lot of rain here and the roads are impassable. It is quite cool — we wore our coats off and on all the way from K.C. The enclosed timetable map shows our route. We got out at K.C. — had breakfast and then visited the Soldier’s Memorial there. We had no time for a drive as we planned, because Mr. W had to transact some business. It rained practically all day. At 5:30 we reached Lincoln, Neb where we got off and walked around during the 30-minute stay.

The next stop was at Edgemont, South Dakota, this a.m. at 8 — at which little town we all got out and stretched our legs — saw a little park with some petrified trees in it brought here from the Black Hills. That was the last time we got out of the train until we reached Sheridan. Had five lovely meals of course — I’ll send you the menus later. I’m bunking with Jane tonight. She just arrived from New Mexico and hasn’t been able to go up to the cabin either. We can see the Big Horn range easily from here—my first view of real mountains!

This will do for now I guess—will write later when I have something of interest to say.

Love to all—


(Undated) 1927

Dearest Mother:

Didn’t think that you’d ever get a letter from me from out West, did you? As you see I am in Sheridan—and have been here since Wednesday afternoon at 3:30. We left St. L. on the 11:55 Burlington Monday night. Had a lovely trip out—cool and it rained all day Tuesday. We’re staying at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Barrett —leaving at 5 in the morning for the mountains. Of course we can see the Big Horn Mts. From h ere—but it will take us four hours to get up to the cabin (in Mr. Wurd’s machine). Our horses are up there already—as the Darraghs have been up there for a long time already. Jane is going up with us though, as she just came up last Monday from New Mexico, where she’s been visiting Blanche.

I’m going to let my hair grow (at last) so maybe by the time I see you, I’ll have a long stringy mop hanging around my ears. (You know we missionaries have to be dignified. By the way, did you know that Watson and I are quite serious and that we may go back to Japan together. Now don’t get excited —it may only be a pipe dream—but then we are quite in love with each other —and you know, it’s always been my ambition to be a missionary.)

Mrs. Barrett was asking about you. We had a lovely time last evening, you know he sings, and I played for him before supper and also after until about 9 o’clock. They are living right in town now—not on the ranch anymore. He has a planing mill here —but they are quite poor (Jane says). You knew them, didn’t you? She says she remembers when “we” (Nancy & I) were born—just before they moved out West here.

When are you going home? Don’t forget that papa’s birthday is the 20th. Send him a card or something if you aren’t home by then. I’m so glad that Alice and Ralph are staying at the house. I didn’t like the idea of leaving him and Harold there to cook, etc. (You know how dirty the house was last Christmas just the few days you were up in Chicago. Of course, that’s only a part of the work).

You’ll write to me often I hope. Mail is very welcome up here. My address is:

St. Louis Cabin-
@ Park Reservoir
Big Horn, WYO

Tell all my relatives hello and give them my love. Have a good time and be sure to be home when I get there!

Much love to you,


(undated), 1927

Dear Folks:

I certainly appreciate all the mail I’ve gotten from you. One single solitary letter have I gotten from 5611 Page—and that from the boarders! Hope you all haven’t been too sick to write—but that’s the only possible excuse that I’ll accept. (Now that the bawling out is over, I’ll proceed).

Mrs. Darragh, the two boys, and I rode clear down to Sheridan Tuesday (30 miles) —rode our horses and led 4 others for 22 miles of the journey. We went down to meet the four girls who’ve been on a trip into Montana—they had their saddles with them, as they rode other horses while they were gone. Took us 6 hours to go down—this morning at breakfast it was almost like Christmas—today being Mrs. Wurdock’s birthday, tomorrow Jane’s and several days ago, Mr. Barrett’s. They all got lovely presents—and the whole gang helped eat out of the numerous boxes of Busy Bee candy.

I’ll write to Alice in a few days. You all’ll have to share these letters.

I have quite a bit of work to do today. Mending, writing, embroidering (a luncheon set) and this morning I did a washing. Right now we’re going to eat lunch so I’ll have to stop. Loads of love to you all—


Don’t know for sure when we’re coming home—I’ll let you know, though.

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